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Friday, October 1, 2010

Art Journal Pages - Zentangle

One of the pieces in my art journal.  I do this a LOT and have been doing it forever.  It's calming and fills time with creativity.  I used to call it the "D" word - doodling. 

It's another Taco Art Piece.  It's what I'm calling the stuff I do while sitting at Taco Bell.  What?  You don't hang out at the Bell?  LOL  Well I do! After I eat my $2.00 meal, I pull out the art supplies and enjoy the air conditioning, free wifi and free refills!!  *wink wink*   My kids have dubbed me the Taco Picasso.  Not that I'm that good... no way!  Just that it's the only artist they could think of --- and the fact that the first sketch I did at taco bell was of Joey and I skewed his features because he jumps around a lot.  heh.  That image is coming another day, but here's a sneak peek! 

On Tuesday, my friend Connie said to me, "Do you Zentangle?"  I have to admit.  I was stumped, never heard of that one.  You either?  Well she provided a link and I followed it to find out it's an artform of repetitive patterns.  Very much like the doodling I've been doing all my life.  They have a video up on how to do a new thing though that I have not seen before.  It's called Between.... It looks like braided leather and it's sweeet!  Here's a one minute sample that I did.  Yes, I grabbed any marker in reach and did this one in 58 seconds this morning when I was showing it to my son.

Zentangle's newsletter is awesome for some new pattern ideas.  I particularly like these --- this one is called Shard.

And this one is Unyon. 
I never named my fill patterns before... but that's cool.  I'll use their names.  They are recommending micron pens.  I used regular markers to do the three yesterday.  In my journal, I use staedtler sketch pens.  Anything will do really - and I do like the colored markers.  Hmmm wonder what the SU markers would look like... dual tips and all that could be sweet.

I have a book full of fill patterns that I'll be adding to as I read more about tangling.  If you are local, and would like to check it out, let me know.  Otherwise, I can share some of my patterns or tangles in future posts.


  1. What a wonderful collection - you have a real talent there!

  2. I just heard of zentangles the other day. I may have to sit down and try some, as I read that they can be very relaxing. Yours are fabulous!

  3. Beautiful work, gorgeous designs and colors.

  4. Wow! These look like a lot of fun! Yours are just gorgeous, too. I had to laugh at your "Taco Picasso" line, as well. That is great! :)

  5. I only heard of Zentangles a few days ago, ....and initially thought they'd made it up! LOL. But it's actually similar to the way I doodle. I love yours, they look great.

  6. Great zentangle! I know what you mean about not knowing about how a fad becomes popular. We have taught these designs to children for years in our district before they became such a fad.


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