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Friday, June 22, 2012

Illustration Friday Space

I decided to play along with the Illustration Friday prompts --- encouraged to do so by my sister Jackie.

So jump right in and play along with us.  I have a couple of ideas going in my head for this prompt.. and here's the first.  

Art Prompt:  Space



None.  LOL  Illustrate, draw or somehow represent space and what it means to YOU in a journal page, canvas, collage.. whatever you are feeling in the moment.  

Playing along is optional.. BUT seriously encouraged for all my wonderful peeps!

Example Page:

How I created my page:

First step – Background.  I smooshed paint around on the background -- leaving some of the appointment book pages to show through and NOT getting full coverage with each layer of paint.

Second step – Sketch.  I was feeeeeeeling a huge cavernous space that was frankly intimidating to my little guy who is lost in there.  So I drew him as if he was wary and unsure of himself.

Third step – Paint - I used acrylic paint and just smooshed some color on.. wiping it around and blending with my fingers like always.  I can't seem to keep 'em out of the work.  LOL

Supplies used today:

A Word from Tee:

We may turn this into a friday impromptu show as I start to feel better.  If anyone is around and would like to play along that is!  LOL

Missing you guys and so glad for all the well wishes.  Bob and the kids say hello too~



  1. This is awesome Tee...I love this "angsty" kind of image. I guess I like that it reminds people how fragile we really are :D XXX

    1. oh yay then I got across his anxiety at being lost in the dark!

  2. could totally be an illustration for a scary movie! I really love this. Makes me think he's going to be walloped by vampires they are hiding and watching in the dark spaces! *nods* Sooooo glad you are back (& with a vengeance too, no less! :D )

  3. Reminds me of "Journey To The Center of The Earth. But then I did just start reading it the other day, lol. Love it, Tee. I have no idea what I'm doing for the challenge this week. I usually try to have it decided upon by Saturday morning. I have my doubts this time.

  4. love it, seems like hes escaping from somewhere...

  5. The way you've placed the light at centre, and the figure trying to negotiate this confined space is such a powerful composition - a great piece of art!


You rock!


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